Alex L. Demidov

another DevOps guy

About Author

I’m professional software developer with extensive Linux/BSD sysadmin background. Since 2010 I focus primarily on Ruby on Rails backend development and I also still do some server configuration and application deployment automation.

Most of my recent projects are brown-field and involve working with legacy code and a lot of refactoring. I have experience bringing test code coverage from zero to 90% for critical application parts and splitting few hundred lines methods into clean, readable, DRY code.

I’m self-motivited and organized person who works independently and who is able to provide consistent results without need to be constantly micromanaged. As typical INTJ I have good analytical skills, attention to details and focus on quality.

I work remotely exclusively with English speaking clients since 2006.

For my work history please check my résumé.

If you’d like to contact me directly please send an email to