Alex L. Demidov

DevOps/SRE consultant

About Author

I am a seasoned DevOps/SRE professional with decades of experience including backend software development.

Can single-handedly build and manage a well-architected, secure, high-performing, resilient and cost-effective infrastructure for a small/medium-scale web application. Fully automated infrastructure as code, automated testing and deployment pipelines, container orchestration, monitoring and observability, cost management, source code repository management etc.

Not afraid of taking on a legacy project and carefully reshaping it into a properly managed infrastructure without downtime and outages.

My technical stack (real production experience):

  • AWS, Kubernetes, Nomad, Docker, podman, Hashicorp Consul, Vault, Packer
  • Terraform, Ansible, Chef, Puppet
  • Grafana, Loki, Prometheus, ELK stack
  • Jenkins, GitHub Actions, Flux, GitLab
  • Ruby, Python, bash, C

I am a self-motivated and organized person who works independently and who is able to provide consistent results without the need to be constantly micromanaged. As a typical INTJ, I have good analytical skills, attention to detail, and focus on quality. Excellent troubleshooter, top #1 user this year on with 1.2 million people reached.

I have worked remotely exclusively with English-speaking clients since 2006. For my work history, please check my résumé or my LinkedIn.

If you would like to contact me directly, please send an email to